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3 Days - 3 Races - 42 Miles!

In January 2008 we went to Walt Disney World Florida to run over 42 miles in 3 races over 3 days to raise money for charities which our sponsors helped choose. Here are some photos from the events* and related articles**...

"We would like to say a big 'thank you' to
everyone who helped support us!"
- Adam & Carol

Meet our virtual supporters...

"Well done!"
- Norwich Union

- Liz Colley

"Nice one!"
- Roz Evans (Really Useful Products)

"What a great achievement! Thank you from all the horses, ponies, mule & donkey at Hope Pastures!"
- Alyson Wort (Hope Pastures)

"Well done!"
- Peter Foulston

- Paul Ellis

"Congratulations to you both!"
- Brenda Lancaster

"Well done!"
- Trevor Kay

- Margaret Eccleston

"I hope the feet & energy levels have recovered now! I am very impressed - well done!"
- Helen Bainbridge

"Well done!"
- Philip Edwards

- Paul & Karen Wood

"Well done!"
- Chris Hopkins

"Good luck & thank you for your support. Lots of love from Muffin & Mr Pickwick & all their friends at Hope Pastures =X="
- Susan Huggins (Hope Pastures)

"Well done. I hear you have completed."
- David Hall

"You're quackers, but good luck!"
- Julie Heslop

"All the best."
- Neil Forshaw

"Hope you do well!"
- Nicola Heslop

"Good luck!"
- Paul Gilby

"All the best."
- John Lane

"Hope everything goes OK."
- Barbara Hickson

"Good luck."
- Steve Chaplin

"Good luck Adam & Carol"
- Sally Barwise

"Good luck!"
- Mike Pickles (Really Useful Products)

"Good luck and many thanks from Lynn & Philip of Hope Pastures xx"
- Lynn & Philip Gawthorpe (Hope Pastures)

"You're mad! But we think you're great. Good luck."
- Pippa, Jonathan & Eden Nash

"Go kiddies go!!! Good luck to you both."
- Sue Shipley

"Have a great time - don't work too hard!"
- Thomas Cook

"Good luck guys ...rather you than me!! xxx"
- Clare Johnson

"All the best."
- Kate Moncrieff

"Good luck to you both."
- Sally & Ralph Jones

"Best of luck."
- Richard Lancaster

"Good luck!"
- Jim Barnard

"Best of luck both of you. Don't forget the Deep Heat!!"
- Helen Ross

"Is there no bus you can catch? Running is so last cerntury :-)"
- Andy Cannon

"All the best."
- Stephen Milner

"Take lots of plasters! Good luck!"
- Kate Halliday

"You can do it!"
- Vanessa Grant

"Good luck - you are braver persons than I am!"
- Emma Clow

"Hope you win!"
- Joanne Collins

"You crazy pair! All the best and lots of luck."
- Felicity King

"Have a good time in Florida - good luck!"
- Marjorie & Albert Maud

"Hope you both have a great time - good luck!"
- Simon Phillips (Nooshi)

"Good luck"
- Jim Hicken

"Woof woof!"
- Richard & Wendy Taylor

"Good luck to both of you."
- Keji Li

"Good luck!"
- John Wrigglesworth

"Best of luck!"
- Richard Fairburn

"You're mad!"
- Gerry Millward (1st Accountancy)

"Good luck!"
- Bill & Di Fitt

"Wish you all the best - hope it goes well."
- Rachel Edwards

"Hope you get a tan!"
- Kay McGrath

"And we were worried about walking The Templer Way (about 18 miles over 10 years - still thinking about it!). GOOD LUCK & don't forget the corn plasters."
- Robin & Helen Cowpertwait

"Good luck from everyone at the Ecology!"
- Ecology Building Society

"Only Mad Bulls & Englishmen go running in the midday sun - 3 times!"
- Lindsay Toulson

"OK, but please avert head while passing china shops!"
- Don Herbison-Evans & Anna Piper

"Good luck. Great idea!"
- Geoff & Jill Speight (Angels)

"Go for it Dynamic Duo!"
- Maggie Jesson

"Carol you are mad indeed! The best of luck!"
- Francesca Moxon

"You must be mad!! Good luck anyway."
- Jo Wass

"You must be mad, the pair of you!"
- Carmel Facer

"Good luck Adam & Carol."
- Denise Parker

"All the best."
- Shaun Heath

"Hi ho! Adam & Carol go!"
- Sandra Starkey

"Good luck - have fun!"
- Kacie Parker

Good luck! - Alison Ridley

Good luck! - Liz Moreno & Baby Josh

Good luck! - Jane Thirlwell

"Go for it!"
- Lea Davis

"Best of luck to the both of you! x"
- Abbie Sharpe

"Good luck to you both."
- Carol Teague

"Good luck Carol & Adam."
- Ken Brookfield

"Good luck Carol & Adam."
- June Brookfield

"Good luck!"
- Anne Warner

"Best of luck to you both."
- Kate Smith

"Lots of luck for the race."
- Lorraine Loveridge

"Good luck!"
- Lynn Dawson

"I'll be very impressed if you make it!"
- Carl Mungai (Mungai Mirrors)

"Go for it!"
- Adrian Coltman

"Best of luck."
- Mervyn Clayton

"Best of luck."
- Joan Clayton

"Good luck."
- Martin Calvert

"Good luck from the Head Start crew."
- Simon Staubley & Katrina

- Julie Wright

"Go for it! Take care, have fun. Quack quack!"
- Frank & Margery Bull


We did it!
Finish sign Goofy Snow White Goofy Jasmine
Stitch Buzz Lightyear Tinkerbell #1 Donald Aurora Aurora Buzz Lightyear Mickey #3 Donald Jasmine
Donald Daisy Buzz Lightyear Stitch Goofy Buzz Lightyear Minnie #3 Buzz Lightyear Snow White Pluto Jasmine
Pluto Minnie #1 Daisy
Tinkerbell #1
Pluto Tinkerbell #2 Goofy Buzz Lightyear Minnie #2 Buzz Lightyear
Mickey #1 Pluto Buzz Lightyear Ariel Ariel Stitch Donald Donald Tinkerbell #1 Pluto Donald Pluto Goofy Pluto Buzz Lightyear Ariel Minnie #3 Goofy
Mickey #3 Donald Donald Tinkerbell #2
Snow White Aurora Tinkerbell #1 Donald Tinkerbell #2
Buzz Lightyear Snow White Minnie #2 Pluto Stitch Pluto Pluto Tinkerbell #1 Buzz Lightyear Donald Mickey #2 Pluto Stitch Mickey #2 Aurora Pluto Buzz Lightyear Pluto Tinkerbell #1 Buzz Lightyear Goofy Tinkerbell #1 Donald Start sign

How did we do?

  • Total raised: £1,990.35
    This is sponsorship money received (£1,683.00) minus PayPal fees (£20.53) plus Gift Aid (£327.88).

  • Charity with the most votes: The Alzheimer's Society
    This is the charity which received the most votes from people sponsoring us. The money raised was split between this winning charity and our chosen charity, Hope Pastures. Here's how people voted:

    36 votes for The Alzheimer's Society
    19 votes for Macmillan Cancer Support
    10 votes for British Heart Foundation
    09 votes for Dogs for the Disabled
    06 votes for Yorkshire Air Ambulance
    03 votes for Oxfam
    01 vote for Shelter
    01 vote for Variety Club Children's Charity

  • Number of sponsors: 85

  • Most popular characters: Buzz Lightyear & Pluto
    These are the characters chosen by the most people as their "virtual supporter"... doesn't really make much difference to anything - just thought you might like to know!

Other information

To see a list of the people who have sponsored us, go to the Supporters page. You can also use this list to "jump" to their corresponding "virtual supporter" on the road above.

For information about us, our event, the charities we supported, and how everything worked, please see the FAQs page.

*Click on a small photo image to see a larger version. Whilst viewing a large version, you can move on to the next image using the "Next" button (which appears when you move your mouse cursor over the right-hand side of the image) or by hitting the right-arrow key on your keyboard.Carol and Adam Bull Move to a previous image in a similar manner using the "Prev" button (which appears when you move your mouse cursor over the left-hand side of the image) or by hitting the left-arrow key on your keyboard. When you've done viewing the large images, leave by clicking on the "Close" button or by hitting the "Esc" key on your keyboard.

**The Adobe Acrobat PDF file format is standard for both PC and Apple Mac computers, and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (or equivalent) software in order to view PDF documents. This software can be downloaded for free from the Adobe web site.

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